MMI makes choosing a coding, auditing, billing, management, or ICD-10 medical certification simple and affordable. Our credentials are your official recognition of expertise in the healthcare field.

It can sometimes be difficult to narrow down which medical certification is right for you. Many exist, but not all are widely recognized or financially rewarded by healthcare employers. Knowing which credential to pursue and maintain is what will drive your career path. Your choice not only fills your piggybank, but also guides your future.

Once you are trained for an MMI credential, our exams validate your knowledge and confirm that you are fully prepared for a position in medical coding, billing, auditing, or management. All medical certification and training is performed online with ample time to complete the exams.

Medical Certification is an Investment

We offer decades of experience and a history of success to support your medical coding, billing, auditing, or management career journey. Furthermore, our RMC, RMM, and RMB certifications are authorized through the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC).

MMI certifications deliver a solid return on investment for your education dollar. But don’t just take our word for it—ask our members. MMI alumni include some of the nation’s best and brightest medical coding and billing professionals.

The courses are completely online and available in both self-paced or interactive formats. You receive full instructor support and up to six months access to the training material, learning tools, and final exams. Whether you’re a coding apprentice or medical master, MMI empowers career success for every student in every situation.

A Plan for a Successful Healthcare Certification

We want to help you in your healthcare career journey. Whether you are just beginning your medical career or readying for your third credential, MMI charts your professional path with courses, certifications, membership benefits, and continuing education to stay ahead.

Finally, if financial challenges are your concern, MMI can help. Group enrollments, payment plans, and discounted rates are available for certifications across three or more medical professionals.