Registered Medical Auditor Certification (RMA)

Medical Management Institute’s online Registered Medical Auditor (RMA) certification is one of the best. Through this program, you will understand coding concepts and medical record auditing as seen through a medical auditor’s eyes. Whether you are dealing with an external audit or conducting an in-house audit for peace of mind, you will have the expertise to handle all aspects of both situations.

  • Reg. Tuition: $1299
  • Required Materials: CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS $289.98 includes shipping
  • Anatomy & Terminology $400 (Optional, see prerequisites) 
  • Career Development: $200 (Optional)
Who is the Medical Auditing Certification for?

The RMA certification is incredibly popular amongst medical coding and billing professionals, physician extenders, medical managers, and compliance officers. This certification is specifically for someone who who has their coding certification and who is already experienced in physician coding policies and guidelines. MMI’s online medical auditing training and certification is completely online and self-paced, including full instructor support along with access to the final medical auditing certification exam.

Learning Objectives

The Registered Medical Auditor training program is designed to prepare students to test for the RMA certification exam through the Medical Management Institute (MMI). This program is specifically geared towards medical professionals in the outpatient/physician office setting and will ensure physician practices that you are knowledgeable in coding and documentation guidelines, audits (internal and external), and the steps to take to assess your risk.

Why get an RMA certification?

  • You immediately get an edge in the competitive healthcare field
  • You obtain a professional certification proving that you will improve the revenue cycle of nearly any healthcare practice.
  •  Medical auditing is an essential aspect of compliant and profitable practices
  • You receive detailed compliance training related to coding, billing, HIPAA, OSHA, and CLIA
  • It assures the physician(s) that you have been trained and tested under strict requirements, authorized through the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (NPEC)
Course Outline

The RMA Training & Certification Program covers the following:

  • Compliance guidelines
  • OSHA and CLIA compliance
  • Healthcare payors/medical records 101
  • Internal audits
  • External audits
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • RMA simulated practice exam (unlimited attempts)
  • RMA certification exam (two attempts)
About the Instructor

The RMA Training & Certification Program was created by MMI’s team of seasoned and certified instructors. Instructor support is available throughout the training via email/phone.

Required Textbooks

All of the material required for the RMA certification is included in the program. However, the following textbooks are highly recommended:

  • CPT® Professional Edition (current year), AMA Publisher
  • ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians (current year)
  • HCPCS Level II (current year)

These textbooks are not included but are available to purchase through MMI at a discounted rate when enrolling in the program.


Although there are no required prerequisites for the RMA training program, it is recommended that you have a minimum ten hours of training related to Anatomy & Terminology. The Anatomy & Terminology course is available to purchase through MMI at a discounted rate when enrolling in the program.

This program is highly recommended to medical professionals who already have a background in medical coding and/or billing, specifically in the outpatient/physician office setting. Medical coding and medical billing training and certification programs are available online through MMI.

Online Training Format

The RMA training program is administered completely online through MMI’s password-protected, user-friendly learning platform. The program is self-paced and you are given up to six months to access the training.

You will have an account created upon enrolling in the program, which will allow you to begin training online. The platform includes engaging reading material and interactive learning tools consisting of practice exams and e-flashcards to test your knowledge and progress throughout. Additionally, this training includes instructor support via email/phone, so you will have access to MMI’s network of certified instruction staff throughout your studies.

Upon completion of the training program, you will be given access to the RMA certification exam, proctored online through MMI’s learning platform. The results will be available immediately upon submitting the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will officially be a Registered Medical Auditor and member of the Medical Management Institute. We will mail you the RMA certificate and membership card, and you will receive the benefits of an MMI membership for one year.

Payment Plan & Group Rates

Payment Plan through MMI:

CLICK HERE to set up an interest-free payment plan option through the Medical Management Institute. Typically, a down payment of $350 is required and the remaining balance is paid off over five months (processed on the 15th of each month following).

Group Rates:

Discounted rates are available upon request for groups of three or more. Contact us to get started.